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"I first created Maisy 25 years ago, and since then children all round the world have been looking at Maisy books and watching her on TV. I hope you will enjoy looking at her website and finding out more about Maisy and her friends. Have fun."

Lucy Cousins

Watch an interview with Maisy's creator Lucy Cousins here.

Lucy Cousins had only recently left art college when she created Maisy. She was sitting doodling when "Maisy just sort of appeared on the page". She relied on her own "child-like instincts" to develop the character, drawing on her love of animals, simplicity and colour. "I just saw her character straight away, she sort of came to life for me and I felt 'I know this mouse, I know what she’s like and I know lots of the things she loves and does.' So that was how I came to draw Maisy."

"She doesn't really have a proper age but I guess she's about three. She likes doing all the sorts of things that toddlers like to do. She has friends and she looks after them. She's a good mouse."

The first two Maisy stories Maisy Goes to Bed and Maisy Goes Swimming, were instant hits with children and adults around the world. Since then, Lucy has written and illustrated many, many more books about Maisy!

Lucy has won several awards for her books, including the Gold Award in the Parents Play and Learn Awards and the BolognaRagazzi Children's Non-Fiction Award for Maisy's House. She won the Smarties Gold Award for her picture book Jazzy in the Jungle and nursery story book Yummy was chosen by the New York Times as one of the Best Illustrated Children’s Books of 2009.

What's the secret of her success? "I've always felt in tune with the pre-school age group and their love of bright pictures and colours." she says.